The (revised) preparations for Music Geek Club are:
  1. Choose 5 songs in digital format.
  2. Note down their artist, title and year they were made.
  3. Remove all ID3 tags from them and give the files a random 8-character lower-case name, e.g. bhf8ebty.mp3.
  4. Upload them to the shared Dropbox folder or bring them along on a portable drive.

The procedure at Music Geek Club is:
  1. Put all the tracks in a random order in a playlist.
  2. Play one track at a time.
  3. During the track, everyone listens, and notes down who they think brought it, what they think it might be, what year they think it might be from, a rating from 1 to 10, and any other comments.
  4. After the track, the selector reveals him or herself, and tells us what it was and why he or she chose it.
  5. Then we compare ratings and fight.
  6. Repeat 3 x the number of music geeks times.
This means that on average, three tracks per person will get played. We do however pick five each so that it doesn't become obvious towards the end whose tracks are left.


  • 5 points for correct selector, artist and track respectively
  • 5 points for correct year, 4 if one year off, 3 if two years off, 2 if three years off, 1 if four years off

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